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     Qigong is said to be one of the most powerful healing modalities known to humankind. This places healthcare back in the hands of the individual.

    Emei Qigong is the knowledge and practice, based on over 800 years of energy science, that through cultivating a compassionate heart, physical  exercises and movements, helps create clarity and understanding of the Universe so that we can attain gradual or sudden Enlightenment.

At New Years many people make resolutions.  I find strength in finding a single word that will carry me through the year.

Last year the word that came to me was "Confidence".  I shared this with many of you.  It brought me strength as I encounter within myself or many people with decisions, challenges, or life threatening diseases.

This year "Equanimity" is my goal.  To not judge life's challenges as good or bad, positive or negative.  To look at the world from all sides.

Here's to a balanced New Year.



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