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     Qigong is said to be one of the most powerful healing modalities known to humankind. This places healthcare back in the hands of the individual.

    Emei Qigong is the knowledge and practice, based on over 800 years of energy science, that through cultivating a compassionate heart, physical  exercises and movements, helps create clarity and understanding of the Universe so that we can attain gradual or sudden Enlightenment.

Catherine's upcoming studies with Grandmaster

I thought I would share with you the curriculum that Grandmaster will teach in Boston and Connecticut.

The first week end will cover the "18 Forms".  This is a movement practice that opens, unblocks, and strengthens all the meridians.  This form uses the Healing Sounds that we learn in Level 1 Healing Arts of Emei Qigong.  I learned this form around the year 2000, and practice it regularly.  When I went to China with Grandmaster in 2002, we practiced 18 Forms every day.  But there is always nuances and more depth, and I look forward to deepening this incredible form.

Grandmaster will spend May 13 and 14  discussing the "Interpretation of Dreams".

Next we will learn more deeply how to see  Qi fields, or Aura's.  When I teach Level II Four Pillars Astrology, everyone in the class will see the Qi field of other people.  But this practice can be for individual's or specific spaces.

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